Tips for Preventing Mask Fog: Dive with Crystal Clear Vision
Mask fog is a major obstacle for divers of all levels! Discover the best tips to help you see the underwater world clearly, whether it's prevention methods or on-the-spot solutions. Siamdive has compiled them for you!

Tips for Preventing Mask Fog: Dive with Crystal Clear Vision

Fogging up your dive mask is a classic problem that many divers, both new and experienced, have encountered. Fog can be frustrating and obscure the beautiful scenery of the underwater world. But don't worry! Siamdive has compiled tips and tricks for preventing mask fog so that every dive you take is filled with fun and wonder.


Why Does My Dive Mask Fog Up?

First, let's understand why dive masks fog up. The main cause is the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the mask. When warm, moist air inside the mask comes into contact with the colder lens, the moisture in the air condenses into tiny water droplets that stick to the lens, causing fog.

Factors That Increase Fogging:

  • Heavy or rapid breathing

  • External temperature colder than inside the mask

  • Mask not fitting properly

  • Poor mask cleaning


Tips for Preventing Mask Fog

Let's see what we can do to prevent mask fog:

1. Spit:

A classic method that has been used for a long time! Simply spit into the mask and rub it all over the lens with your finger. Then rinse with a little seawater. This method may sound strange, but the enzymes in saliva help reduce the surface tension of water, preventing water droplets from sticking to the lens.

2. Anti-fog Solutions:

Available in sprays, gels, and drops. Choose the product that suits your needs. Generally, apply or spray it all over the lens and rinse with a little seawater before wearing the mask.

3. Baby Soap, Toothpaste, Baby Shampoo, or Dish Soap:

These products contain surfactants that can also help prevent fogging. Simply rub them all over the lens and rinse thoroughly before wearing the mask.


4. Potato:

Cut a potato into slices and rub them all over the lens. Leave it for a while and then rinse with clean water. The starch in potatoes helps create a thin film on the lens, preventing fogging.

5. Choose a Mask That Fits Your Face:

A mask that is too loose will allow outside air to enter easily, causing fogging. Choose a mask that fits snugly but not too tightly.

6. Clean Your Mask Regularly:

After each use, wash the mask with fresh water and mild soap to remove grease and dirt that can cause fogging.

Additional Tips:

  • Before diving, wash your face and hair thoroughly to reduce the amount of oil on your face.

  • Avoid touching the inside of the mask lens.

  • If fogging occurs while diving, try blowing air into the mask or tilting your head up slightly to let seawater wash away the fog.



Preventing mask fog is not difficult. Just follow the tips that Siamdive has recommended, and you can enjoy diving to the fullest without having to worry about fogging again!

If you have other tips or experiences regarding mask fog prevention, don't forget to share them with fellow divers in the Siamdive community!


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